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If you have tried our software, you will notice that there is a 3D Loading Window. In which, it shows list of icons, once you click an icon it loads a 3D model on your 3D space. That window lists all SpritMator 3D packages that can be found at the path: {Application_Path} \Source\Models

The second level (the sub-folders inside that folder) work as classifiers that will be used (by 3D Loading Window – drop-down tool) to filter out the results. Initially, there are  Characters, Weapons sub-folders, but you can organize/create/edit them as you pleased.

The third level (the folders inside the second level) are the SpritMator Packages. Each package (folder) MUST consist of the following sub-folders:





3d Folder: contains the customized 3d representation of the 3D model. Can be read only by SpritMator. The name of the 3d file should match the parent folder name (Package name)

Anim Folder: Lists all the animation clips for that 3d model. Animation Panel reads this folder to list and play the animation clips

Icon folder: contains an icon to preview that model on the 3D Loading Window. The name of that file should match the parent folder name (Package name).

Materials: contains all materials for that 3D model including the textures. Materials manipulations depends on this folder.


Adding A New SpritMator Package:

As mentioned above, each SpritMator package should be placed as a third level. Be sure there is no (redundant) parent folder between the second and the third level.


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