Savings Window


Saving process is simple and it saves only references to the objects and the hierarchy relations between objects. It also save the IK components and its target if used.

1) File Name: for the file to be saved

2) Path or location to save.

3) Open the path/location folder

4) Save button: click to save the current view

5) List of all saved files: found at {Application_Path}/SavedFiles

6) Apply (or NOT) IK target transforms

7) Reload listing all saved files found at {Application_Path}/SavedFiles

8) Load the selected file


The saving is simple and there is no real savings for objects. It is just saving references for those object to load them again at the loading time. Be sure, you are not removing your objects from local drive or changing its location. Also, some behaviors will not be saved; for example,  materials effects, materials loaded. In such cases you need to redo this again after loading.



in 2. SpritMator Application

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