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Effects can be applied for each material component to show the model with a completely new look. It can be applied using Materials & Effect panel.

There are predefined effects that can be used directly form the Effect panel. But, you can add your own effects as well. All effect are listed in {Application Folder}\Source\MaterialsEffects\Effects folder.

Adding New Effects:

To add a new effect it is  better to try all predefined effects first. Then

a) Find the effect folder by going to {Application Folder}\Source\MaterialsEffects\Effects (From Effect panel, click folder button) and copy that folder

2) Rename the new folder as EffectXX (where XX is a unique number). also rename the files inside the folder with the same name (EffectXX.png, EffectXX.txt).

3) Now, adjust the values inside EffectXX.txt as you want.

4) Also, modify the image  EffectXX.png to make it easy for you to recognize your new effect inside the Effect panel.

5) Refresh the effects list (from Effect panel, refresh button).

Each effect come with it is own different set of parameters, different values will create different results. The input types are:

TYPE#     {Effect Type input}

C#           {Color Input}

B#            {Boolean input: ON, OFF}

T#           {Texture Input}

F#          {float number 0- 1}

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