Cropping Tool

1) Drop-down for local output folder: To list your local output folder which created by SpritMator using Capture Options Panel.

2) Drop-down lists local sub-folders. All frames inside this su-folder will be considered for the below operations.

3) Skipping frame rate: You might need to skip some frames for your final animation. You can select here how many frames you want to skip after each frame. The selected frames will be cropped (and resized).

4) Analyzing crop border: It will scan all selected frame and find the best cropping border size for them. This is helpful in case you want to crop the frames to fit the content size without loosing the pivot/original point of the content.

5) Analyzing crop border results are show in those fields.

6) Copy/Past analyzing results in order to reuse it easily later.

7) Resize the selected frame: Options are: No Resize, Pixel (resize to a specific pixel size) and, Percent. The resizing algorithm still in its alpha version. We don’t recommend to use it in your final product. For bulk resizing you might need other advanced software such as xconvert.

8) Refresh the summary: Used only to show the cropping summary, it can be ignored!

9) Start the cropping (and resizing) operation. The Source frames will not be affected, the results will be printed in a new folder (called “sized_results”) inside the source folder.



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