What is SpritMator? What it can do?

It is a light, very easy software to extract the spritesheet from an animated 3D model professionally with almost no special knowledge required

How to Import 3D model and animations

Currently, the application does not have an importer tool that you can use to import your 3D model and animations directly. The application can, only, read what we called “SpriteMator Package” which includes a custom representation of 3D model, custom animation and materials files.

How members can use the application then?

There is an updated library for our members. (it includes SpriteMator Packages, i.e. files that can be read by our application)
Available at our download page: http://spritmator.com/download/
You can add them directly to the app, here is how http://spritmator.com/info/spritmator-package/

What are your Library contents? Can I suggeest a 3D model?

We are trying to have any good Free 3D resources. One of the great 3D (Royalty Free) resource is Mixamo.com. We start to add them. Our plan to have many (if not all) of them. We also have our own 3D models, so we will be adding those as well.

If you find good resources, then sure you can suggest what you want! We will be happy to include them in our library!

What if a member needs his own 3D model to be included?

As mentioned, there is no direct way for now. So we offer a service (free or with small fees) that we might help to prepare the “SparitMator Package” for your model/animation to be used within the app. There is no guarantee that we can do it based on your files type, format and content. To be sure, open a ticket and ask!

Our Prices, Business model

We did not finalize our business model. So, we are providing access to the software, download contents, receive support all for FREE.  We offer services such as preparing you model to be used with our software with some fees. But, this is temporary and we are completely open to hear from you! Open a ticket and share your feedback, suggestions and comments.

We do care about business. But, we don’t feel that we’ve reached that point yet. Our app still in its beta version and we really need to improve it first.

Why should I use your application if I can do the same with others such as Blender.

Who dares to be compared with “Blender”!!. We are just trying to be simple and different by creating a light and very easy software to extract the spritesheet from an animated 3D model professionally with almost no special knowledge required, that’s all. Our focus on two elements, simplicity and ability to modify materials easily (we call that Effects). For example, with a single click you can convert your model from a realistic to a cartoon character, then another single click to render your spritesheet. Things will be more interesting later, once we add the Effects generator tool (in our to do list). Our main page also gives good summary with what  you can do with our application.

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