Download SpritMator Version 2 (Windows, Portable x86_64)


Version 2 (updated 03-01-2017)
The core has been re-written to support the coming importer tool.

New Features:
-Added: Two cameras: working camera, rendering camera
-Added: Image post processing (Frames skipping, Smart bulk cropping, bulk resizing)
-Added: Background Cut-out feature
-Added: Saving camera positions
-Added: Filter/search animations clips
-Added: Highlight selection axis on mouse hover over

Bug Fix:
-Fixed: Rotation does not work in global mode

– Bumped version number
version 1.0
– initial release

Please note: Version 2 is not compatible with any package created for version 1. If you need to use version 2 for your old model/package you need to convert them again! Contact us and we will do that for you! FREE!

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